When you explain an idea to your friends or audience, will you pick up a pen and draw something? I’ve seen some of my colleagues done this way, and of course, he explained it very well, clearly, and insightful. It’s a great skill, and perhaps, it means a great way of thinking. So I found this book.

This is a very easy reading book. Dan Roam, the author, explains the whole method step by step, and it looks practical.

There are 4 steps of visual thinking: look, see, imagine, and show. And 6 questions you need to think about when seeing: who and what? how much? when? where? how? and why? Each question comes with the corresponding picture, locate the question, and pick the right picture, then think about the appropriate version.

You don’t need to worry about the skill of drawing, a pen, and a napkin, that’s enough.

For me, I think visual thinking is a great way, when you’re thinking, there’s already some picture in your mind, then you can show it by drawing, and selling ideas.

But does it works? And will I use it? We’ll see.